Saturday, 14 February 2015

Have you wished the most important person in your life Happy Valentines?

It’s amazing how life brings you exactly what you need. And this Valentine’s I hope all of us will endeavor to be more loving, caring, nurturing and giving to the most important person in our life – our self.
Recently I noticed a trend in the people I have been coaching. Client’s start off thinking that it is somebody else who is responsible for the way they are feeling. Clients feel run down, lost and depleted like a diluted version of them self. After coaching realization dawns that the most important relationship they have ignored is the one they have with them self. That is when true transformation occurs.

Not surprisingly the majority of such clients are women and a few men. 

A personal anecdote that I always share is when I underwent a low in my life and my mother-in-law who was visiting at the time said to me: “Do what makes you happy, whether it is going to work, pursuing a hobby, learning a new skill or associating with a charitable organisation. Once you, the centre of the house is happy, you will be able to make others around you happy.” Its something I have reaped the benefits of and also shared with my life coaching clients.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

“What is a marriage? What is a relationship?”

Given it’s the month of Valentines the flavor and topics for the month will be relationships! Of course there are many facets of relationships and today we are going to discuss the most interesting of them all – Marriage!
 What is a marriage? What is a relationship?” Yes, are we all not trying to figure that one out!

Please click on the photo below to watch the video and hear the strategies I have to offer to create more love in your relationship this valentine:

This video blog you will break some myths about what marriage is and add some musts to keep your relationship strong:

      1)   Marriage is made of three parts. A marriage is made up of a husband, wife and “us.” It is a myth that for a marriage to work you need to lose your identity. On the contrary a secure relationship or marriage will shape your identity even further to allow you to be yourself, your true self.