Thursday, 27 February 2014

Importance of Creativity

In today's time creativity is being replaced by i pads, cartoons and the like. What exactly is happening that is making such a change? Low tolerance of parents or the attractive of such gadgets and shows?

Why on the other hand creativity is under estimated? Mums you need to realize that creativity can help teach your child cognitive skills that go up to the extend of mathematics and scientific thinking. It can even in the long run act as problem solving as well as help with future literacy skills. 

Still thinking how?

Family issues Q&A

Assalamualaikum mums!

Today I will be answering some queries submitted to me by our members. I do write about relationships and family issues and I will try me best to give the answer to solve your problem. 

Although the members would prefer to remain anonymous, I will paste the questions in exact same manner as I received them so you can understand the gist.

Question #1 
My sister is in mom house bcoz her mother in law rules in house, her husband is with his mom. I feel so bad. Been trying to send sis to her in laws but she don't agree. Since 14 yrs now marriage. Her daughter is 12 yrs. But husband and mom sit at home they r not trying to bring back family.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


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‘’You can lose weight if don’t eat anything’’, suggested Habiba to her friend Fatima ( As Habiba lost 10 kgs  in a month and Fatima was really impressed by her weight loss regime that how quickly she lost her weight).She told Fatima ,‘’All she needs to do is to drink water most of the time whenever she feels hungry or eat nothing if she really wants to lose weight”. Fatima started following her instructions though it seemed difficult for her to stay on starvation mode all the time and suppress her hunger but she did not lose hope and kept trying. She barely ate anything the whole day:channa ,daal and BBQ only. She started losing weight within a week (4 kgs) and it really boosted her confidence and she kept following the same diet routine. After a month she lost 10 kgs but funnily she was not happy .She always thought she would feel great if she reached her goal (loosing 10 kgs) but instead of feeling great she felt herself weak, dizzy and full of fatigue and headache. She was unable to focus or concentrate on her work, had a severe hair loss and some fine lines appeared on her skin with a saggy body.

A few days later her  another friend Anum( the fitness trainer) visited her and was really shocked to see that in late 20s  she was looking like a 45 years old woman.Anum gave Fatima a lecture on how she had lost all of her lean body weight. Your bones must be hollow and your muscles must be shrunk ( she told).She advised Fatima to start eating everything by keeping in mind the word MODERATION .Fatima pleaded ,”I just need to feel better”. They ended the conversation with her warning that Fatima shouldn’t be walking so much-did not she do any work in the day??

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Managing Oily Skin

  • Never squeeze pimples , it will damage your skin.
  • Wash your face twice a day , morning and just before retiring to bed. Avoid washing too often as it will take off the natural moisturizers but you can wash more than once if its hot or if you have been sweating a lot.
  • Use a gentle cleanser specifically made for oily skin and acne. Some acne products are beneficial & works wonders for oily skin too.
  • Never scrub or wash with too much pressure on your face , this can stimulate oil production.
  • Keep medicated pads handy & use them to remove excess oil for any build ups if you are on the go.
  • Use water based moisturizers , not the oily ones / creams. Same goes with foundation if using a liquid one.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it makes more oil to appear on the surface than before.
  • Exfoliate once a week to help remove dirt and oil keeping your skin clean.

Never give up on oily skin!
Its just as manageable as any skin condition. Consult a professional skin therapist who can analyze your skin & give a proper diagnosis of the products and lifestyle changes to keep skin under control. Remember, oily skin is a blessing in disguise as it has its own benefits. Those with oily skin tend to age slower & are less prone to aging and wrinkling !!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

How to Deal with Sibling Fights

A football referee's job is child's play when it comes to dealing with the tussles your little ones get into day in and day out. It seems impossible to get on top of it. It's seen more aggressively in 4 to 8 year olds, but continues well into the teens. We see this more often in children whose age difference is not significantly vast. When I talk about sibling fights, I mean:

Siblings engaging in physical fights
Verbal abuse, using bad language
Tattling, telling on one another (true or not)
Sibling jealousy, feeling frustrated over the achievements of siblings
Siblings bickering over fairness or parental attention

These are the core issues facing mothers everyday. They take on different forms with different age groups. Again, I do not want to go in depth about examples of the above as the article would become too lengthy, but I am confident that readers all have a general idea about how it is.

So the question is, how do we deal with the children in such a way that is fair, just and simple enough for young minds to comprehend?

Here are a few suggestions that might help:

"Glitz and Glamour of Dubai"

Who would have imagined a country with no history, a place where men use to wander in the desert, a place where living seemed impossible would emerge out of nowhere and today stands owning the tallest building in the world roaring its pride in the air and looking down with a flattered smile.
 Top view of Dubai

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Untold stories

What does " untold stories" suggest to you?

To me it sounded like something hidden, something out of the past. Out of curiosity, I cancelled all my meetings and headed down to the heart of Sharjah on 19th Feb, 2014. 

Walking past the long corridor towards the East Wing situated in the Sharjah Art Museum, there was a crowd anxiously waiting for the exhibition to open. Finally when walking past the stores unfolded to the various hidden treasures every artist had to share. 

Now my turn to reveal some to you :)

Mahmoud Abbod
One of my favorite artists and a teacher to me some years back. He loves impression style and one can see it reflect in this works

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Communication - The solution

Good morning mums!

Today I will be talking about issues related to maternal relationship, that is relationship between a husband and a wife. Something we all want to discuss, but never get the guts to *wink wink*.

Afcourse no marriage is perfect and no bond the strongest. We have all had our issues from day to day. And those issues tend to build up these frustrations inside us, specially when we got no one close to discuss with. And that specially goes for most of our members living in the UAE away from their mommies and sisters.

That leads me to our topic for today, Communication.

90% of issues between a husband and wife is because of lack of communication between the two. Misunderstandings are created when one of the spouses misinterprets the others actions or words. Let's have a case study here, a very 'in the season' too.

It's Valentines Day. Aisha and Ali have been together for almost 5 years now. Every Valentine's he sends Aisha a bouquet of roses and chocolates through the mail. This valentines things are different. Ali left for work early today. Aisha has been excitedly waiting for her roses and chocolates since morning. Day passes slowly, and night falls. Ali comes home to a very depressed and angry wife. He has had a long day at work and was hoping to spend some quality time with his loving wife, but Aisha's bizarre behavior really confuses him. He has dinner alone. The silence is deafening. This angers him since he doesn't understand what he did wrong. Ayesha sits in her bedroom reading her book and goes to sleep angry, but early. Ali watches TV alone and sleeps late, still confused.

Do you see the problem here?

Lack of communication between Aisha and Ali destroys their day by Ayesha still angry at the unresolved issue while Ali still confused at what exactly happened?( Guys can be soooo thick sometimes!) A small misunderstanding can lead to larger issues, thus chipping a good marriage.

Now let's see at what should have happened.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Blush 101 and Some Insider Tips

Blush is such an underdog when it comes to makeup. Sure everybody owns quite a few. Even applying it doesn't seem like rocket science. But carefully applied blush, along with the right color and texture can amplify your entire makeup look and transform it.

Blush immediately adds a flush, a radiance and makes you look younger and more wide awake...unless it doesn't, and then you end up looking like a clown.

On a personal note, I love blush application even more than eyeshadow or lipstick application. There's just something so feminine about it. In this post I will go through lots of stuff you probably already know but still when you read it, perhaps it will help you improve on the technique you are currently using.

Pimples / Acne

Pimple is a small inflamed swelling of skin that contains pus & if it occurs in large number it may be acne. They are not usually bad as they go away after a while.

Acne is due to disorder of sebaceous glands & is characterized by the presence of black heads with papules. They are worse as they leave scars or holes on face.

Hair loss / Hair fall

I'm here today to discuss about another very common issue in our lives related to Beauty that is - Hair loss / Hair fall.