Wednesday, 31 December 2014

How do I close the old year and bring in the new year?

With the advent of the new year a couple of hours away many thoughts cross our mind. Flashes of the good and the bad memories added to our book of life. Then all the confusing messages inundating us with resolutions and goals and what we should and we should not do.

One such question was asked to me: How do I close the old year and bring in the new year?
This time I wanted to share exactly what I am doing with my end of year learnings and hope it helps you to stay calm and positive to bring in the new year.

Please click on the photo below to watch the video and hear the end of year completion ritual I have created for myself and am sharing with all of you today:

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Are my FRIENDS NOT going to be friends FOREVER?

Some hurdles of growing up can be truly heart-breaking and painful especially in the tender and confusing pre-teen and teen years. Children are struggling with changes in their bodies, hormones and brain, and to add to all these changes any upheavals in their peer groups can be truly devastating.

However, changing values, changing focus, changing priorities, changing interests as children grow into developing their individual identities can create a change in your child’s social groups. You might as a parent have already dealt with or might deal with a bucket of tears when one day your child comes homes declaring that her/his best friend is no longer a friend or he/she is no longer a part of the group and has been abandoned.

This can be an emotionally draining time in your child’s life because friends and peer groups are very important to them as these groups are what helps them create their own identities and when such ‘break ups’ occur it can mean a blow to their own identity. Your child can feel lost and extremely lonely.

 As a parent you can feel at a loss on how to handle this, and this is why a mother of a 12 year old girl called me to ask: How as a parent can I help my daughter who is having problems with her ‘group’?
Please click on the photo below to watch the video and hear what I shared:

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Resolving Parent-Teacher Conflicts

It's happened to all parents at one point or another, whether it be a negative written comment on an assignment, or a phone call or a conversation during PTA time. She'll say something that will hurt your feelings and that protective instinct kicks in and all you want to do is set the teacher straight. To me a complaint from the teacher is very stressful, and to complain about a teacher very difficult. It took me years to get a grip on how to handle the situation in a way that would actually help the child.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tips on Motivating your child in Public Speaking

When I look at my kids I see the vastness of their individuality, which sometimes baffles me actually, given that they have the same genetic mish mash, more or less same environment and same physical and mental support systems. And yet they all have their strong and weak points.

In some families, talking itself starts late. I read somewhere that is a family trait thing, and I see this to be true in 4 of my 6 kids. What I also notice is that the two who spoke early are more verbal and appear to have a more confident outlook. That's not to say the quieter ones don't have their own virtues, some that greatly outshine the other siblings. The four kids started speaking well after the age of three and continue to struggle with complicated and long sentences.

In the beginning, I was worried that this may be some form of learning disability, but time proved that some kids just naturally pick up later than others and have their own developmental pace. But the fact that they hit all other major milestones on schedule further calmed my frayed nerves. It becomes distressful if other milestones are also greatly lacking, in which case it is best to get it checked out.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How can I communicate with my 14-year-old son who ignores me and does his own thing?

Recently I spoke with a mother of a 14 year old teen boy whose body language and voice emitted disappointment, fear and helpless around parenting her young son. My heart went out to her and I know, sometimes how despite our best interests at heart for our children things just don’t seem to be going in the right direction. Whatever you as a parent say or do seems to antagonize your child even more, with the result that you end up feeling even more confused and at a loss of how you could be a better parent.

As far as your child is concerned, the teenage years can be full of turmoil and confusion and you as a parent may feel helpless and inadequate that despite  doing your best, your child has become unresponsive and indifferent to you increasing the gap in communication.

I share below how I guided this mom who asked: How can I communicate with my 14-year-old son who ignores me and does his own thing?

Monday, 3 November 2014

Managing Curly Hair

Having straight or curly hair style is a never ending conflict since years as women with curly hair want to have straight hair and women with straight hair want curly !

Sunday, 2 November 2014

How to Keep your Cool when Teaching Kids (Your Kids)

I recently read a couple of comments where mothers were disturbed about the fact that they easily lose their composure whilst getting their young children to do their homework, prepare for a test or do an assignment. It is actually one of those times where our patience and composure is seriously put to the test. I started thinking about how I also feel that way sometimes. But over the course of many years and through a hot and trial method, I have learned some ways to make it better.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Make Your Hair Color Last Longer !

Coloring your hair not only enhance your looks but also keep you along with fashion like highlights , ombres or dip dyes. No matter what type of color trend you go for , you can make them last a little longer by taking some extra care. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Social Media and our Kids

What is social media? Today I felt I should raise a concern that is manifest in all our minds, especially those of us with tweens and teenagers. There is no doubt that it is now the 'normal' we live in. Back in our day, we were lucky if we had a desktop to play pacman on, let alone our own mobiles with data packages. Whereas providing and enabling your child to access varying degrees of internet is a very personal decision, there are certain facts that we should all be aware of. There is no doubt that every tool of modern science can be beneficial to us but the sad truth is that it is also blatantly misused and abused and may cause damage that can lead to serious ramifications. I'll try to briefly sum these up keeping it to the point...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

How can we improve our relationships during Diwali?

During Diwali we spring clean our homes to welcome Goddess Laxmi. So all the dirt, cobwebs and old things are taken out and discarded. We refresh and clean and then we buy new clothes, new and fresh things for the house.
So in the same way we must use this beautiful festival of Diwali to do the same with our relationships. Use the festive time to freshen our relationships by removing the past negativity.

However, relationships are more complicated and EGO plays a very big role in hindering us from improving our relations.
Ego is a very tough thing and one of the reasons for relationships to go sour. But if you realize that ego is the stale smelly old food in the fridge – that will not only smell, but it will also pass on the bacteria and rot the other foods causing the whole house to become sick and infected. You will realize how you can use this Diwali season to not only clear the rotting food items, old clothes, disinfect the house, but the house we all have INSIDE ourselves – our feelings and emotions. It is so important to get rid of those negative feelings, emotions that are only causing sickness in our relationships and family and clear them out by LETTING GO & FORGIVING.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Choosing Your Makeup Colors

Determining your skin tone is vital in choosing the right shade of foundation, eye shadow & makeup colors that will look best on you. Make up is all about colors but that doesn’t mean you put them on all at once. There should always be the right balance when choosing makeup colors. An important aspect to take into concern is that your hair color reflects onto your skin.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Insider Tips on doing English Exercises

As most of you know that I have a little bit of teaching experience for the primary level, and along the way, have picked up some tips and tricks that teachers employ in their classrooms to improve the kids' performance. In this little post I want to share some of those with you so that you can also guide your kids if you think that they are applicable to you. I have already done numerous posts on related topics to education, just search the labels for 'education' and you'll get more tips on improving reading, IQ, motivation etc. Now these may be familiar to a lot of you moms out there, but it never hurts to brush up and hone in on those skills. So here we go:

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How and when do I talk with my children about stranger danger?

Given the recent spate of messages on face book and what's app regarding a small boy being approached by some men in a car, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss some safety measures we can take to prevent any unfortunate incidents with our children.

This is a subject that is very difficult for us to talk to our children about and sometimes we do not wish to face the reality that our children can be faced with a dangerous situation from a stranger. Unfortunately there is enough statistics to show us how 'real' the danger of ‘strangers’ is. And however much we would like to push the thought away we need to first face the reality ourselves before empowering our little ones.

As our children begin to grow their wings and leave the safety of their
home to enter the 'real world', stranger danger is a subject that we need to educate them about. 

We will look at 7 strategies to first get clarity on how you as a parent will approach the subject of stranger danger and then help your children outline clear steps on what to say and do incase they face such a danger.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Highlighter - Make Your Skin Glow !

Women want that GLOW – Highlighter as you can well understand by its name will accentuate certain features on your face. A highlighter will give your face a balanced reflective dewy finish BUT not a loud, over-glossy one so it’s important to know how it should be used to get that right amount of twinkle.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Makeup and Skin Care...When is Young too Young

Let's face it, it just isn't the same world it once was. Whether it be the media, both internet related (social media, bombardment of information) or glossy magazines, to bill boards to ads on seemingly harmless TV shows, every which way we look is your stereotypical stick thin image of young girls personifying what should be deemed as universal beauty. Often than not our young girls, and even boys fall prey to this type of negative branding. It's all about who looks the best. Whereas I am a firm believer of looking your very best, being a mother of a young teen daughter, it became an issue for me to think about what was best for my daughter in terms of when I should I allow her to use makeup or skin care. At that age, skin is already very delicate, but certain factors, which I will discuss below led me to a decision which both of us were finally comfortable with.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

As a parent you might think, that once you have secured admission for your child in a reputed school you could put your feet up for the next thirteen years and at the end of that, out will come your child educated and wise to face college and life.

Unfortunately, many parents who have older children will warn you against any such complacent ideas – because a good school does not equal a good teacher, does not equal a child who will fare well.

Today a mother has written in complaining:
My child has got a terrible math’s teacher and will obviously fare badly, what can I do?

In my life coaching work with both children and parents I tend to argue this particular point on the basis of how we deal with poor leadership in our professional lives. How as a professional, you might be thrown into the deep end to put together a project or a presentation without any background information. What you rely upon to be successful is your sense of responsibility to complete the task and your resourcefulness to get the job despite the lack of information.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Foundation - Common Mistakes

We all know that Foundation is the most important part of the makeup – but it will not look good if you mess up this part of your makeup, no matter how much time you have taken to prepare your base.

Some common mistakes women make when applying foundation -

Choosing the wrong shade / tone

Remember that foundation should be in the same tone as your natural complexion. To find the perfect tone for your skin apply the tester of the closest colours you choose on your jaw line and finalize on the one that blends most invisibly.

Applying with force

If you rub your sponge or applicator too hard all you will get is the reddening of the skin and an uneven coverage and application of the foundation. It is always better to use your fingertips and apply with light circular motions as they warm up the product and glides on the skin.

Applying with insufficient light

If the room is too bright or too dark you will not be able to see properly and cover all of your face evenly. You will notice your mistakes when you go outside , so it is advisable to put on your makeup in the same light in which you will be wearing it.

Noticeable traces

Make sure you blend your foundation very well around the hairline, nose, ears, jawline , chin and especially the neck as its the area which is most visible with foundation.

Applying more than required

do not pile the foundation in one area If you are trying to cover up some imperfection because this will attract more attention to the area. Apply in an even layer over your whole face so that the color is unified.

Preparation of skin

You have to clean the skin and hydrate with a good moisturizer prior application of the foundation to avoid the cracks and visible lines.

For My Top 5 Picks and more on Foundation please read here

Until next - Stay Blessed and Beautiful !

Saturday, 27 September 2014

New Baby and Elder Sibling...How to Adjust

When you have your first child everything seems perfect. Your undivided attention falls on him and he is also happy and content. Then you receive the happy news of another baby on the way. At this point you start thinking about the dynamics of how another baby will effect your neat little equation that you have going on. The truth is though, as far as your elder child is concerned, you can't know how he will react. I know kids who transitioned into the change with no issues at all, and some kids that just go totally off the rails engaging in all types of negative behavior. The good news is you can do something about it.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What can I do because my child has stopped behaving even after I threaten him with various punishments?

Parenting is a roller coaster ride on most days. The kids seem to be angels on one day and little naughty people on others leaving you guessing on what you are doing wrong or right depending!

Parents tend to struggle with creating some sort of discipline with kids and handing out punishments can seem to be one of the ways. But unfortunately too many punishments can cause your child to actually become immune and it seems like water of a ducks back.

Today an exasperated mother has written in asking:
What can I do because my child has stopped behaving even after I threaten him with various punishments?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

UAE Mums: Is that you: Years Later?

UAE Mums: Is that you: Years Later?: For today I take a pen and write a small story, An old lady got up and saw the morning glory! Her hands were shivering and eyesight was p...

Is that you: Years Later?

For today I take a pen and write a small story,
An old lady got up and saw the morning glory!
Her hands were shivering and eyesight was poor,
She could be on the deathbed soon was her fear.
She had a Smartphone, and Watsapp of course,
Connecting with the world; that was her only source.
She had many groups and she was active,
With a message tone she use to get enthusiastic.

Hands so weak she chatted with her friends,
Feeble eyesight with high power lens
She was born in an age; where technology was at its rage.
She use to hear her mother say,
That they spoke face to face-
She used to say “Mom! Gone are those days!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Matte Lips Made Easy !

Matte lips can look incredibly beautiful and elegant if the application is done the right way. Let us master this look with simple beauty tips.

Announcement: Reached the 100th Post Mark

Congratulations to Hena Khan and her team on UAE mums and all the members on reaching the 100th post mark on this blog, by mums for the mums. A special thank you to the writers who devote their time and energy every week towards contributing their experiences and thoughts on a wide and diverse range of topics for our benefit.


Did Your Child Land a Good Teacher

It's no secret that we all want out kids to land good teachers, we all know the heart ache that goes with dealing with a teacher who is unprofessional and does not get along with our child. I'm sure we have all at some point dealt with such teachers and it is no easy task. Things begin to become apparent as soon as kids start school, especially in the primary section. And young kids need more nurturing than older children (even though a 'bad' teacher can really effect children of any age). I haven't met the teachers of my kids but you get a general idea by the attitude of the children and the work they bring home. Here is what I've come to learn about exemplary teachers:

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How do I help my child who is finding it difficult to get accepted and make new friends in his new school?

When a child joins a new school there are a couple of challenges he or she might face, the toughest being acceptance by classmates and winning friends. And during the pre-teen and teen years this issue gets even more compounded as children tend to form groups based on certain parameters and it gets even tougher for a new student to gain acceptance into one of these closed peer circles.

With the start of the new academic year children moving into new schools or children arriving from other countries have to go through the slow and often challenging process of not only getting accustomed to a new school but also trying to ‘fit in’ and be accepted by their classmates and new friends.

And parents often witness the frustration and breakdown of their child’s self-confidence, sometimes leading to loss of grades and resistance to going to school.

So today’s question by a worried parent who asks:

How do I help my child who is finding it difficult to get accepted and make new friends in his new school?

1)   As children grow into their pre-teen and teen years they tend to grow their identity separate from their parents and family. The single largest influencing factor in the creation of this new identity is their peer group. As a Youth Coach, in my sessions with young children I have found out the labels and names of these peer groups are: ‘The Cool Group’ or ‘The Nerdy Group’ or “The Sporty Group’ and children then form those typical identities to become parts of those groups. So it might take your child some time to discover himself, which group he might best fit into, so give it some time.
2)   During this unsettling period, support and nurture your child as his self-confidence might get a little shaky. Help him to focus on his strengths so as to maintain his self-confidence.
3)   Discuss with your child the characteristics he is looking for in his friends. What kind of friends does he want to make? Sporty? Academics? Chatty?
      What are the characteristics he needs to develop, because to attract good friends, he needs to          be a good friend.
4)   For you to be able to expand your child’s group of friends you could become more active in the parental support group in school. In this way not only would you make more friends, you could also invite other parents children from different classes to your home. You could organize a bowling evening for some children from your child’s class so he has an opportunity to spend time with them outside school.
5)   Encourage your child to foster friendships outside the school through the sports club, music classes or playground.
6)   Role-play. Sit with your child and discuss what he is passionate about, whether it is about a sports personality, music, art, some facts, some fun thing, a new game, something unique that he can share with his classmates and new friends; so that they begin to notice him and want him to be part of their group.

Action: Sit with your child and let him role-play 2-3 things he can talk to his classmates about so as to pique their interest, and help him to break the ice and start new friendships.

Sunaina Vohra
Youth & Family Life Coach
Athena Life Coaching
Youtube: Athena Life Coaching
FB: Athena Coaching Solutions
Ph: (+971)-56-1399033

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How do I get my child to follow a routine without having to repeat myself?

Do you feel like a broken or stuck recorder? Repeating the same instructions day in and day out. As soon as a regular school routine sets in, it does bring parents lots of relief but it also means coping against time. Brush your teeth, do your homework, go to bed, wake up - as parents it feels like we are a stuck record!

Today's blog helps you to apply easy strategies to get your children to not only listen to you but also follow through on auto-pilot!

How do I get my child to follow a routine without repeating myself?
Today we will look at strategies in which you can communicate in a manner that your child understands and thereby follows the everyday routine without constantly being reminded by you.
1) Have a list of to-dos put up where your child can see it. If your child is too young then put up photos, visuals of the things you want him to do before going to school – like brushing teeth, combing hair, taking his lunch box etc. In the case of older children you can just put up reminder lists where they see them and follow through.

2) Before you start to say something to your child or give him instructions to follow, check whether you have his attention. Just the way when you are busy reading this email and someone calls for your attention, you are so rapt in reading this, that you miss out half the words. In the same way if your child is doing something, then check whether he is listening to you.

3) After you have got his attention, make eye contact and speak to him. And the best way to teach your child the skills of eye contact is when you model it for him. So when you are reading this and your child calls out, you need to stop looking at your computer or phone and turn and look at your child. This models to your child the importance of eye contact when speaking and listening to others.

 4) As a parent you are in a position of authority, however it is important to see his point of view. Is your child engrossed in his favourite activity, just the way you get absorbed by your favourite TV serial, that you blank out the rest of the world. Sometimes children are enjoying themselves watching their TV serial, reading a book or activity that they unconsciously block you out. So see your child’s point of view when giving him instructions.

 5) Seek your child’s cooperation by firstly asking him in a tone, which is warm, loving and firm. There is no need to give orders. Give your child a choice of time or activity asking him if he could do the required task immediately or prefer to do it after 15 minutes. That way you empower your child and make him feel responsible by gaining his cooperation. This also helps to inculcate decision-making skills by making choices.

6) KISS – keep your instructions and communication short and simple. On busy school days children are on limited time, and to make the most of what you want them to do make your communication simple and to the point.

Action: Together with your child put together a to-do list he needs to follow before school and after he comes back from school. When you do this together, he has a say in it and feels responsible for completing the tasks.

Sunaina Vohra                            Youth & Family Life Coach
Athena Life Coaching
FB: Athena Coaching Solutions

Sunday, 7 September 2014

How to Increase Emotional Quotient in Kids

Every body is unique, with their own unique distinguishing personalities and children are no exception. And giving that the world can throw a curve ball at you in the form of stress, health issues, social issues and a host of other troublesome situations, having a child with a strong EQ or Emotional Quotient can be the deciding factor if he gets out of it with success or failure. I did a feature some time back on tips to increase IQ (click here), but EQ is no less important and in our endeavors to set kids up in one department, we often don't pay much attention to the other. Researchers are now confident that both are equally important for a good success story. What is EQ then? It is simply the ability to recognize one's own emotions as well as the emotions of others and respond to them in a healthy way. So here are a few tips to do just that:

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How do I encourage my child who is confident in certain areas but lacks confidence in trying out new activities.

With the summer holidays being left behind and both children and parents getting into the school routine, everyone seems to be struggling a bit. Just the same way we struggle to move that cozy quilt off us to get out of bed and start a new day. That is a one-minute struggle, but there are other cozy comfortable areas we have that we find difficult to break through.

Our children, who are back to school, now face many decisions they need to make like which extra-curricular activities to pursue and which to give up. Children tend to want to pursue those activities that are familiar and they have developed some sort of expertise in, and avoid those activities that are challenging and completely new – outside their comfort zone.

Today’s blog answers a question by a mum:
My child is confident in certain areas but lacks confidence in trying out new activities.

We will look at strategies to help your child understand how he is allowing his comfort zone to take over and what you as a parent can do to help him break out of it and try new activities without apprehension.

Help your child understand:

    1) The imbalance in confidence levels he/she feels. Explain to your child the reason he is generally confident in some areas is because of the positive beliefs he has formed in those areas. But he has also formed some negative beliefs that are holding him/her back from trying the new activity.

    2) That what is holding him/her back is their comfort zone. That they have become comfortable in a particular activity, become used to it so much that anything new is challenging and daunting. And that they would rather avoid something new and stay in the ‘known’ activity that has become familiar and easy for them.

    3) That the negative beliefs they have formed have originated from various sources like – friends, family, media and the environment. And not necessarily something that is theirs. And it is within their power to understand, know and break through those negative beliefs.

    4) Encourage your child to be bold and to take risks. That it is ok to fail as long as they have tried something outside the norm. Give your child permission to fail and explain that failure is the stepping-stone to success. Encouraging your child to take risks and allowing him to fail will eventually create risk-takers who will become young leaders in their school and community.

    5) Encourage your child to DECLARE their dream!
Get your child to make a Vision Board that is a visual reminder of their goals and dreams, which should be put up on the wall where he can see it and connect with on a daily basis. Talk to your child about his dreams so that he continues to feel motivated and inspired to take action on a daily basis towards it.

Action: Help your child understand WHY they are lacking confidence in a particular area, what is the negative belief holding them back and to BREAK IT!
Sunaina Vohra                       
Youth & Family Life Coach
Athena Life Coaching
FB: Athena Coaching Solutions

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Calling out to Moms of Boys

I had a daughter and that was wonderful, so when I learned I was expecting again, by human nature I hoped it would be a boy. And it was. But subsequently I kept having boys until I ended up with a strapping brood of five ranging from ages 2 to 12. Along the way there were some truths I uncovered, about how boys are different from girls. Here are a few of them from my perspective:

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How to prepare your child for the new "Back to School" academic year

Dear UAE Mums,

I am absolutely delighted and honored to be sharing my learnings with all you through this wonderful platform created by Hena. And I look forward to personally interacting with you at some point through this journey.

With the countdown to the schools starting we are bidding farewell to the long summer months of sleeping in late, family time, late nights, movies and holidays.

The traffic on the roads has increased; parents are rushing to the shops to organize uniforms, stationery and various things in preparation for children going back to school.

For some kids there is an air of excitement, for others anticipation if they are moving to a new school or new country and yet for others trepidation if the last year was dotted with some unpleasant experiences.

Today we will look at strategies on how to help your children put their best foot forward to start the new academic year on a more sure footing.

The first three strategies mentioned will help your child prepare 'physically for the new academic year'. 
1) Get your children into a routine with regard to their sleep and food patterns. Sleeping and waking up on time, eating healthy foods and at the right times.

2) Buying your children new school items like bags, stationery, shoes etc. so that they look forward to the new academic year with freshness.

3) Clearing their desks and the physical environment in which they will be doing their homework and projects.

Besides looking at their physical environment and needs it is also imperative to spend time clearing any 'mental' or 'emotional' baggage they might be carrying from the previous year. 

4) Clearing their minds of any negative situations and experiences in their past academic year by helping them focus on what they learnt from those experiences. If you child has not done as well academically, or a close friend has moved to another school or country or your child was bullied, it is important to sit with your child and change his perspective around that experience by focusing on what he learnt and how he would deal with it in the future.

5) Setting up new and positive belief systems by focusing their attention on things they did well in. Go through the past year and pick all the moments of success and focus your child's attention on their achievements and strengths. You can put up visual reminders, photos, pictures of their achievements so that it boosts their self-confidence for the coming new year.

6) Help your child set new goals on all areas of their life – from academic goals, sports, music to important life skills like building self-confidence, improving communication skills, how to deal with peer pressure, how to improve focus etc. Life skills are skills that will help them not only become resilient but also leaders in their class and community.

7) Talk to your child about the challenges that they might face while working towards their goals and the support they might need from you as parents, their teachers or coaches like tennis coach, golf coach or a life coach who helps to up level them to their next benchmark.

By putting the above strategies in place not only on the physical level but also ensuring that your child is mentally and emotionally ready to embark on a new school year will ensure that he has a successful year.

Wishing all UAE Mums and your children a fabulous NEW academic year! May our children succeed in their individual goals and together create a world of peace, love and harmony!

Sunaina Vohra
Youth & Family Coach
Athena Life Coaching

Saturday, 23 August 2014

How to talk Positively to Kids

We all know how encouragement is good for the kids, how we should be kind and respectful to them, how we should motivate them when they are down and provide unconditional support. These things are perhaps hard wired into our biological makeup. But I find that I am constantly faltering, even though the intent is always there to follow through on all the above and beyond.

Some pointers to inspire you:

Monday, 18 August 2014

How To Choose The Right Foundation

The most common dilemma in makeup is to choose the right foundation. If you choose the wrong shade , light or dark , it will end up looking un-natural. It does not conclude at deciding the right foundation but perfecting your choice in liquid, cream, mousse and powder foundation and how to apply it correctly.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back to School Prep

Well time flew by pretty quickly, the kids had fun and now the time is fast approaching for normalcy to return to our mad mad lives. Let's face it though, the transition is a bit tough. Here are a few tips I have picked up along the way to make things easier and a learning experience:

Monday, 11 August 2014

Take Care In Removing Your Makeup !

Most of the ladies I have come across do not care much in removing makeup like how they do when they apply it. It’s dangerous to go to bed with makeup on your face as it will make your skin hard , get you early wrinkles , pimples , acne and a lot more !

You should take care in removing makeup and give it time the same way you do when you apply it.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Avoid Yelling at Kids and Yes, It can be Done

In my last post I admitted to yelling sometimes, and this is probably true for most parents but in order to avoid losing your temper or losing your patience with your child (which will just make you feel guilty anyways) it is better to have a calm conversation. These tips may help the next time you feel your blood pressure rising:

Sunday, 3 August 2014

How To Choose And Use A Concealer

We all know that concealer is used to cover the spots of redness, dark under eye circles, pigmentation spots and any other areas that the foundation is not able to hide but not the right concealer to be used.

Let me make it easy to choose the right concealer for you with some basic rules -

  • Concealers with a thicker texture are good for covering up red splotches and dark circles.
  • Concealers with a lighter texture are better for covering up small complexion irregularities and cover up the shiny / oily skin in the area of the nose, chin and forehead.
  • In order to keep your concealer from being visible, it has to be 1 or 2 tones lighter than the tone of your foundation, but make sure its still close to the tone of your skin.
  • Smooth textures are easier to apply.
  • Never use the concealer past its expiration date.
  • Try finding the concealer and foundation from the same brand and line so that there is no color divergence but if you are lucky you can go ahead with the type suiting you from different brands.

Next is how to apply concealer to achieve best results -

  • To make the corrections less visible , its always recommended that you first apply a good moisturizer. If your skin is dry and you skip this hydration process, the concealer will not only fail to cover up your blemishes, but will highlight them instead.
  • There are two different opinions on when concealer should be applied. Some say it is best applied before the foundation and some say after. I recommend to apply after the foundation as it helps to cover up the minute skin faults. 
  • Use your concealer in patting motions specially around the eyes. Do not rub as it can cause swelling and protect skin from bruising
  • You can use concealer to cover up spots all over your face – around the eyes, at the base of the nose, along the sides, forehead , chin etc.
  • Use light-textured concealer if you have fine wrinkles around your eyes because any other kinds will only add your fine creases to be visible.
  • Concealer is most suitable for when you are not wearing too much makeup.

My top picks for concealers - 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Clinique Advanced Concealer
Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Undereye Concealer
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

The purpose of the concealer is to conceal, but if you cover up all your flaws, but the concealer remains visible, you need more practice.
Remember the golden rule - practice makes perfect !

Until next - Stay Blessed and Beautiful !

Confessions of an Over-Stressed Mom

I thought of doing something on a lighter note this week, and yet I think most mothers will be able to relate. I mean as mothers we are always trying to nurture our kids and balance out lives whether we are home makers or working moms. But we all have our little quirks....those little stolen bits of...dare I say selfishness? I mean are we not primarily human beings? Mommies have feelings too...we are not infallible are we? So without further ado, a few of my confessions:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

To be...or not to be friends?

We all have had friends as early as we can remember. When we were young, we had playmates who would find our hiding spot and share crisps with us. The ones who sat next us in the class would then be invited to our birthday parties. And eventually be named our 'best friend'. 

 As we got older, our schools might have changed or place moved. We got new friends there. Some nice and some not so nice. The hormonal teenage years would throw us together where guys and makeup were concerned. Go to the movies together. Then colleges and universities have us make other friends. And so it goes on. 

The number of best friends that we might have gone through may be numerous. But have you ever had reunions with your older 'best friends'? It's so easy to find people through networking these days. The world has definitely shrunk to a size of Facebook in that sense. Look them up and voila!, they are staring back at you through there pimped up profile picture. 

Right back at my question then. When you meet up with your older friends, does it seem awkward? Do you feel like you just don't know why you were friends with her in the first place? Or does it feel like you just continued on from where you left off? Best buds forever and ever?

I recently met a good friend who I just couldn't go a minute without sharing every life detail with. We were really good friends. But we lost touch when she moved away and things kinda cooled down. I would miss her terribly. There were times when I couldn't find one person who I could share my heart out with. So I ended up going to her. Eventually we drifted apart. 

Then she came back few days ago. We met up. And I felt like I don't even know her. All through the time we caught up, I kept thinking as to why we became best friends in the first place? I felt like she was too immature, too creepy. And it just made me immensely sad.

But I realized that as people grow and surroundings change, so do our mentalities and views. The people that we were at the same frequency with a long time back, would have opposite views now. That's why people grow, drift and come back. 

After all we are just humans. :)